04 dezembro, 2012


I'm so tired of cooking... I would eat pizza for every meal, if I could do it.

I found this Post Punk Kitchen... Unfortunaly this is more a vegan recipe website and I'm a meat person. I love meat, I love cow meat... I love sanguinary cow meat.
I need new ideas for good meals, tasty and fast!

I have to cook everyday and I only have one hour to do a decent meal for two.
Most of the time, nothing really spectacular comes out of my woven. I really don't care. I'm not a very hungry person. I can spend hours without eating decent food, and I don't complain at all.
I'm in that mood again. If I eat too much my stomach starts to hurt so bad. God I really hate this feeling. So, I better be careful with what I put on my mouth this next days. (food, I'm talking about food)

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