10 dezembro, 2010

Look At The Rain

Been down to the corner

About once or twice

I don't know but it's been nice

I ain't got no money

I can't buy a damn thing

That I might like

Let's go down to the dime store

One some moonless night

And look at the rain

I got a shirt that costs a dollar twenty-five

I know I'm the best dressed man alive

I put it on and head down to the local dive

To put the icing on extraordinary rides

When I am done I leave em happy but insane

For to look at the rain

I'm a messed up torn downworthless bag of trouble

I take way too much

And I get right in your hair

I got a real sharp pin

With which to burst your bubble

This is trouble distribution

And I'm giving you your share

Won't tell you nothing cause that's my aim

But I love the rain

BAD LOVEI see a robbery

That's nothing new

I see a robber

Broken right in two

Bad love

Took a little something

From the wonderland

Took a little lovin'

Love that burned his hand

Now here's the problem:

There's nothing wrong

Compared to no love

Bad love can't be wrong

Meat Puppets

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